Welcome to the Sakai Parent Teacher Organization!

Working together we provide Sakai school with supplementary funding and volunteer support for educational programs, assemblies, field trips and supplies.

Thanks to generous donations to our annual Math-a-thon fundraiser, last year the PTO helped to provide Sakai with new playground equipment, P.E. equipment, Library books, Art supplies, supplemental math and literacy programs and materials to help students at all levels of ability. PTO funds were used to refurbish the music program instruments and the PTO supplied equipment and volunteers for the school Broadcast, Salmon release program, Sakai Reads program, Bike to school event and many other special assemblies. The PTO makes field trips assessable to all students by paying a large portion of the transportation costs and by providing scholarships.

Parents and caregivers of Sakai 5th and 6th grade students are counted as members of the PTO automatically upon their student’s enrollment. You are welcome at the monthly meetings and encouraged to attend to keep up to date on school and district events and news.

  • Funding

    There are no membership fees. Our funding is provided by donations to our annual Math-a-thon, which starts September 22nd. We also earn funds collecting Box tops, selling sweatshirts and through Yearbook sales.

  • Volunteering

    To receive online signups notices for upcoming events, make sure that the Sakai office has your current e-mail contact information on file. Our PTO volunteer coordinator, Carrie Corns,  will send out on-line sign ups several weeks prior to each event.   Please check the Sakai Calendar and the PTO webpage every two weeks for upcoming events so you can save important dates and plan ahead.   

  • Important

    All adults in the Bainbridge Island School district must complete online volunteer clearance application and review the student interaction guidelines every two years. If you are new to the district, you will find instructions by clicking on the link below:

    District Volunteer Information

    Not sure when you are due to renew? Please Contact:

    Erin Jennings, BISD Communications & Community Relations Coordinator